Hi, I am Kiana Smither.

Can I just start by saying I LOVE what I do? I seriously mean that! This career is a dream career! I couldn't imagine doing anything else in this world. I literally get to travel around capturing beautiful pictures of all of these inspiring and incredible people. What more could I ask for?

Want to know some things about me? Well, I love sushi, dogs, photography, traveling, hiking, the beach, baths, and so much more! I actually ate sushi just last night and I own 3 German shepherds. Gus, Baylor and Pilot! My career actually started because I had an Instagram for Baylor, because I mean who doesn't love puppies, and so I had to keep everyone happy with sloppy puppy kisses, running through fields and prancing in water! Keeping up with his Instagram meant CONSTANTLY taking pictures, I went from puppy pics to wedding pics! Woah!! Big change!

Pictured to the left of this amazing paragraph is my little family. My world, my everything! That handsome man in the crazy bandanna, that's my husband! He is my biggest fan and my best supporter! You will see him at many of my sessions cheering me on and even cheering you guys on, he's a great assistant ;) That little boy in the center, he is the light of my world. Isn't he just perfect?! His name is Jonas and he is our little rainbow baby!

Welp, that is just a little about me! But if you want to know more be sure to shoot me a message, I would love to chat!



“Some moments can't be captured. Somethings just have to be felt. But if you're lucky... you will find a way to capture the feeling in a moment, the feelings of a room full of people, the love and heartbreak in a moment - Kiana did that for my family. She did more than photograph my experience, she captured those fleeting moments and I will have them forever; thanks to her. I never write reviews, but this is one I had to write. I 100% recommend Kiana to anyone and we are so thankful for what she did for us.”